Which nikon flash have same power as 430ex II?


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May 7, 2008
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What nikon flashes have the same power as the canon 430EX II?
the reason why i'm askin is i can't find any 430s for sale anywhere so i'm going to try one of the nikon flashes. i'll be using it for off camera flash.
How about the Vivitar 285HV?
i like to use the digital more
When comparing the flash power, compare their Guide numbers.

Just for your information, I have those ebay type cheap radio trigger/receiver. It works well with my 285s, but my older Canon 420EZ will go to sleep and cannot be wake up by the trigger/receiver. Not sure about other Canon/Nikon flashes nor will other triggers/receiver can wake them up.
Get a vivitar 285HV.

If it's off camera, it doesn't matter if it's "digital" or not.
Older Nikon SB-26. A little less power, guide no. 118, but features a built in slave.
Remember if you are looking at older 3rdparty flashes make sure that they won't damage your camera if you use them in the hotshoe - I know you say its for offcamera lighting, but there is always that chance that one day you'll put it on the camera - when that day comes you don't want to end up damaging your camera body as a result.

I'd also second Gary's advice and say if you can't find a 430 consider going for a 580 flash - it gives you more options to work with.

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