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Jun 7, 2008
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I can't make up my mind on these two .
I don't like the dark uper left corner but i do like the frame of the doorway.
On the other one i like the crop.


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Maybe the first one.
first one, dont like how the first wall in shot two is blurry.
but for symmetry the dark corner does take away.
I spent way too much time looking at both these images, but for some reason, I really wanted to offer a reason to my opinion.

The shadow, the corridor not centred, too much top dead space, the dipping horizon and the framed art all bothered me. You are photographing a very symmetrical situation, and the irregularities I mentioned throw what could be a good image, reducing it to a "pick the faults in this image" mentality.

For what it is worth (and if this is what I had to work with), I would choose #2. Without knowing what you are choosing the image for, I would consider re-shooting it. There's too many flaws in it for my liking. Like I said...i spent way too much time looking at this!

Put the finished shot in a rustic frame/border. I think it would add to the image.
Hey thank you all for the input.

Blank I think I will take your advise and re-shoot it
I wanted the symmetry of the doorways leading to ?? and thanks for your time and an honest opinion I will hopefully learn something from this.

teneighty23 Thank you when i re-shoot it i will lower the angle and get the first door way in focus

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