Which replacement bulbs for my lights?

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    Hi All

    I've blown a couple of bulbs recently and am running out of spares, so need to get some replacements. The whole lighting setup was bought second-hand and consists of 2 x Redwing units - a 475W and a 675W. They came with Philips screwfit 275W No. 1 Photofloods. I've looked into replacement Philips bulbs but they seem to be a little scarce, one supplier lists a substitute for this bulb as being for black and white and video making purposes.

    Question is: do I buy the Philips bulbs I can find or do I use something else? I use the lights for general purpose photography - from products (mainly) to people (occasionally). Am I better using 'always on' bulbs that seem to be the rage nowadays, and if so, will they fit my lighting units and what power should I get?

    Any advice greatly appreciated.



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