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Discussion in 'General Gallery' started by ZacKrohn, Nov 1, 2004.

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    Hey everyone here are some photos I've been taking recently. All are developed, printed, and shot by me.

    #1 this is of my very old cat (he came to my parents right around the time when I was born, full grown) This was taken over the summer and we had to put him down about a week ago.

    #2 My girlfriend is the president of the choir at our school. I did a photo shoot of instruments and we sold them at a concert of theirs to benefit the choir. This was shot in a very small room with no available light (I had to bring garage lights). [​IMG]

    #3 Taken at my school during photo class (this was actually scanned from the neg but no alteration)

    I would really love some feedback from you guys.


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