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Jan 8, 2013
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So tomorrow I'm shooting for my school sports day. Now I'm fine with what I'm going to do, apart from one thing. I want to set my white balance using my grey cards but I feel that if I do I'll be doing it all day for each change of venue.

Is it best to go auto and correct later, set in every venue or will setting it in an 'average' venue and then doing slight corrections suffice?
Are these portraits your taking? or action shots?

If these are portraits I would recommend using the grey card however, if they're action shots I wouldn't bother. I would make sure your shooting RAW that way if you need to you can adjust the white balance once you get the files on the computer.

Make sure you know how good or bad your camera handles auto white balance.

Have fun
I would just shoot in AutoWB, taking raw images. In-camera WB is pretty good these days, but if I'd need to I could change it in post with no problems.
Do you expect the light source to change for each venue? If they're all outdoors, your initial white balance with gray card should stay mostly consistent, barring shade, clouds, time of day if it's a long one. If they're all in a gymnasium under the same lighting conditions from event to event, they shouldn't change at all from your initial setting with the gray card.

Remember that you're initializing for the color of the light source. If that color of the light source doesn't change (significantly) between venues, you shouldn't have a problem.
I would make 1 shot with the gray card in it for each indoor venue if there are more than 1.

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