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Nov 19, 2010
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As I was messing around with double diffusion for reflective objects I grabbed a bottle of Motrin and put it on my makeshift drop. This got me thinking about the best way to shoot a white object against a white background; say a website needed an image of their product to fit seamlessly against a white drop. How would I shoot this the best way possible right out of camera? I know I could just shop it with a perfectly white background but is there a better way to do it SOOC? This is what I came up with - I'm happy with the lighting, but the background is gray.


EDIT: After watching this lovely video (LOL, but still useful: http://www.learnmyshot.com/How+to+photograph+White+Still+Life+on+White+Background) I came up with something I like. I liked the shadow on the original as It accentuated the shape but this one will do for me; would it do in a real world environment?


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I think #2 looks more like what they would do in that scenario, but more than likely they would choose a different background color.
Your white still has a purple tint to it.
I would apply a reverse vignette. Get the background as close as reasonably to pure white (good eye on the purple color cast, sparky), but then feather out to true white at the edges. Otherwise it'll look like crap on a pure white background. Even a very very very small difference will leap right out.

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