Who do you admire?

I, being a noob, do not have a particular style of photography. I do however strive to shoot in the direction of this guy. I love his work and would love to some day be a lot like him. My favorite shot of his!

Who do the rest of you admire?

Oh there are so many I dont know where to begin. I follow Mark Ridout on twitter, and have all Joe Mcnallys books. I am in love with Bambi Cantrels work, and Joe Bussink is another photog I follow. Jenna Simpson (Shes a local photographer) does some amazing work with babies. Yervant is always interesting to look through his site.
Yeah, Im a big Joe Mcnally fan aswell as DOuglas Kirkland. Tony Sweet and Art Wolfe would be up there as would Melissa Rodwell and of course Ansel Adams but he should go without saying. There are a lot more but don't think people would like the length this post would be if I started going through them all.

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