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Oct 29, 2007
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Ottawa, Canada
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Pets are funny animals and the best of our friends. I took this picture in the "doggy" park when they were socializing. More you can see on my website after clicking on this image.

lol Those are great! I cant wait to take my boy to the dog park. Hes not had his third distemper and rabies yet though so really, he cant go further than my backyard until I can get him in. My husky cant go :( Shes dog aggressive. Shes ok with my boy cause 1. hes a boy and 2. we got him at 7 weeks.

These are funny snapshots! I hope the dog on the second image didn't suffer. Excellent timing of taking picture.
I love how you captured the moment brilliantly, it always scares me when I see dogs like that in the park but I know they're only playing....dosent stop me worrying though!!

Great snapshot!
Love the dog park, but nowadays we're going to the dog BEACH, it's totally awesome.

Are any of those your dogs?
Whos's the Boss?

I'm gonna take a wild stab and say that it's definitely not likely to be the one with his bits showing up in the air and more than likely to be the one wearing blue trousers in the second photo.

Nice snaps.

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