Who just bought a dSLR for $220?!


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Jan 9, 2005
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That's right, I did.

A friend of mine bought a Rebel XT off a Canon distibuter for super cheap over the summer while he was working at a camera store. He always had the idea he would use it as a backup camera, but never really had the need for a backup camera. So for the past few months I've been borrowing it to shoot for the school newspaper, as well as anything else I want. I finally got around to asking him if I could buy it off him about a week ago, and today he sold it to me! WOOOOOOOO! Now I just need to get a memory card so I can give him his one back.

So thats my good news for the day :)
I hate you.
I still hate you.
that is one hell of a deal.. congrats :)

Now take all that cash that you saved and drop it on a NICE lens.. you will still be ahead of the game!

Just think how much that camera and lens COULD have cost you! ;)
Wow, great price. Having paid full pop for the same camera, I'm jealous. But am also happy for you.

Now flip it for $720 :p
congrats man *twitch*! that's a really *twitch* nice *twitch* buy! *walks to his room shakily and shuts the door, screaming and several thuds can be heard from inside*

but seriously awesome buy man! hope you have fun!
That's awesome, but I hate you too......

:( I'm still stuck with a 35mm Rebel XS :(

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