"Who's Up There?"


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Apr 8, 2007
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Norfolk, VA.
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This is a location test shot for an art piece that I'm working on in the near (hopefully) future:


It's a good shot.
I keep thinking a zombie is gunna come down the stairs, lol.
Very eerie, the mood you've created is fantastic.
I'm thinking a very faint (distant) light at the top of the stairs that ever so delicately shows a silhoutte.

Nice location and shot.

Short history: This house was built in 1853 and is 3 full stories with a full basement that once housed the "servants" and has a attic that has a roof access (which is at the top of those stairs).

I have been working on this house professionally (home renovation contractor) for 15 years (no, not constantly!) and it is by far my favorite house I've worked on. I am trying to get in the owners will! ;o)

The home is now owned by the daughter who lives there and is an unmarried "Fifty-something" sweet lady whos father in his late eighties just signed over to her.

The house was used at one time as a Union Army Hospital and Headquarters in the Civil War. There are holes in one of the ceilings on the 3rd floor where "small arms" were fired from a drunken gathering by Union Officers.

The current family heirs that bought the house purchased it from the family that built it back in the 1850's. One of those family members designed the famous ship "The Merrimack" and a copy of the letter pitched to the Confederates Forces is hanging in the hallway.

There are some photos of it below the last time I painted the outside. The other photos are when I had to build some crown molding [by hand] out of a 2x8 treated stock [woodworking... my first love] (NOTE: I didn't post large photos (Other than the one with my dad in the lift bucket)... you'll have to click on the rest if you're interested).


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I'm thinking a very faint (distant) light at the top of the stairs that ever so delicately shows a silhoutte.

Nice location and shot.

I thought that too. I will eventually put a light there. This shot was done with a ring light on my camera only. I took a shot with the attic light on but it didn't make a big difference. I liked this framing over the other one.
Opus... is my Hero! (I collect Opi (the plural form of Opus). I'm not "sick with it", but I need more Opi!).

I think this photo thing is a sickness... I had to add a companion piece to the OP.


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Wow, a lovely old building with a rich history. Great shots, love to stairway. This place has such potential for imagery. Great work, love to see more.

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