Why APS-C / Rumored Fuji Medium Format

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    Why don t Fujifilm make a full frame camera Interview With Fujifilm Manager Mr. Takashi Ueno Fuji Rumors

    Fuji explains why they don t bother go Full Frame. Mirrorless Rumors
    Mirrorlessrumors has already the primary argument about this.
    APS-C is leaving the sweet spot of affordable sensor size right now; full frame gets cheaper and cheaper.

    Yes if you really value size this much, Fuji X is a good option. Otherwise full frame is better, and the Fuji X system is quite expensive.

    I dont think that medium format will get Fuji out of the niche, though, due to the price they'll have to demand for it.

    Let s Drop The RUMOR-BOMB Fujifilm is forging a MEDIUM FORMAT CAMERA Source Right in Past WITH POLL Fuji Rumors

    Thats what I'm talking about ! I am hoping this rumor is true.

    While this wont move Fuji out of the niche - it certainly will be a great option for people like me.

    That is, assuming its using the (for medium format) affordable but great 44x33mm sensor from Sony, and mirrorless lenses.

    I hope they manage affordable f/2.8 lenses with great performance, too. It very likely wont be as good as the Phase One system (or Zeiss Otus, or Leica S), but certainly better than what Pentax 645d/z offers.

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