Why do you photograph what you do?


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Dec 11, 2006
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I am thinking of sponsoring another contest and this below is the potential announcement.
Comments welcome.

I was thinking today why it is that I like to shoot street photography and, as I ran through the short list of reasons why anything else bored me, I realized that other people must have their own thoughts and opinions about why they shoot what they do.

So, here are the basic rules.
Submit a short-medium length essay on why you shoot the subjects or niches that you do? - and also pledge to submit one of your own photos as an illustration to that essay

Credit will be given for insight and understanding.
Short snarky replies such as 'I shoot portraits because people pay me' will get exactly the credit they deserve.
If you have not yet decided on a specific niche or do not yet have a niche, tell me something about why you do what you do.
This is not necessarily for advanced photographers or beginners, it is the level of thought and understanding that will count.

There is a stipulation: this contest won't be held unless at least ten people publicly pledge to enter by adding their name to this thread.

All essays will be posted along with the image sent.
If we start contest will run until Dec 1.

The prize will probably be a book or something available on all continents.
I am happy for co-sponsors to raise their homely but generous hands to contribute.
I will be the sole judge - well, just because.
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Post image and essay here? Or PM?

to be determined but I want to get commitments.
If you have essay and picture, go ahead and post it but I might have another thread for the actual contest entries so that comments don't get in the way.
Post image and essay here? Or PM?

to be determined but I want to get commitments.
If you have essay and picture, go ahead and post it but I might have another thread for the actual contest entries so that comments don't get in the way.
I'm on shift today, but I'll see if I can't make do on my phone
My name is Jason, and I do formal portraiture.
I shoot a pretty specific niche. It could almost be considered a micro-niche. I shoot mostly people, and almost exclusively in a studio type setting.
I even shoot mundane objects as formal portraits. Such is my love for the genre.

I love flash photography.

I bring light where there was darkness.
I bring order where there was chaos.
I bring form where there was only an idea.

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these studio photographers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

I always loved the pictures in my grandparents home. For them, going to get pictures taken was a rare and formal event. They treasured those pictures, and when my parents got them, they were treasured in our home as well.
It is a satisfying feeling to give others that same experience, and pictures they can't get from just any friend with a camera.

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I don't want to be in the contest just feel like sharing.

Hi my name is Jasper and I love landscapes and sports. Landscapes because 90% of the thrill is in getting to and finding good locations. Sports because the excitement of events is contagious and it's fun to be a part of that.

Really the clicking of the button is the least exciting part for me.
I really love street photography the most but seem to be doing it the least since there's no money in it.

I enjoy taking a walk with my camera, deciding on what focal length I'll be using in advance and sticking
with it just to make sure I don't fiddle around too much and just see what I can capture that tells the story,
that's not just a snapshot. Other then riding a motorcycle, this is how I get my zen on.. :)

Syrian refugees in Croatia (1) by Dalibor Bauernfrajnd, on Flickr
Does the photo we submit have to be something we've never shared here before? I'd be interested, but I post the majority of my favorite shots here and don't think I would have anything good to submit that I haven't already shared.
Any of your photos is fine, published here or not.
I wanted an picture as an illustration for each essay/mini-essay so people new to each writer's work can make some connection between what they say and what they do.

Glad you are participating, or at least thinking of it.

I would like to participate. I will be looking for the official thread or "it's a go" ... should be therapeutic for me.

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Thanks, good.
I will post a link to an 'official' thread when >10 people commit.

Now there are 5 commitments
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I *might* participate, just for fun--but don't count me as one of the 10 to meet the minimum. I can't guarantee right now that I'll be able to follow through.
Your health will improve and you will be better than before. I see you taking many more amazing photo's and inspiring all the many who follow you.

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