Why is lighting overexposed in my videos?


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Aug 13, 2021
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Hi everyone, my first post here so hopefully I am in the right section, apologies if not. I am fairly new to using a mirrorless camera but I just cannot figure out what I am doing wrong!

I have a Fujifilm X-T200 with the XC15-45mm standard kit lens. I am using it to film some vlog style videos indoors, but I am having an issue with lights in my apartment appearing overexposed in the footage. Part of my backdrop has those Nanoleaf light tiles that are RGB, and I have them set to a sort of golden/yellow colour but the camera just shows them as pure white when I record something. I have tried adjusting the shutter/aperture to no avail. I also read about adjusting the highlights and shadows in the quick menu, however those options only appear to be adjustable when shooting stills and are greyed out when in video mode. I cant seem to get the colours to show through post editing either which is also pretty new to me I must admit. What is frustrating is that my iPhone seems to pick up the colour accuracy of the lights perfectly its just obviously not able to produce the same quality footage as the Fujifilm.

Any ideas would be much much appreciated. Apologies if i missed out any important information but I will do my best to clarify if I have left something out.

What is the ISO you're shooting at? Have you changed the EV for shooting video?
Hey, I have the ISO set at 800, SS is 24 and F4.5. Regarding EV, the dial doesn't seem to do anything when I turn it whilst in video shooting mode. I have attached x2 stills to show what I am trying to do. Image on the left is from my Fujifilm XT200 same as it looks on video playback. The image on the right is shot on my iPhone 12 pro max. As you can see the light tiles colour representation is almost perfect from the iphone. Yet on the Fuji, the lights are overexposed and the plant shadows are darker. Hope that makes sense!


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Also worth noting I have a ring light illuminating the backdrop as natural lighting in my apartment is quite poor!
24 is not shutter speed... it's frames per second.
That makes sense 🤦‍♂️
I suspect the difference between the phone and your Fuji is the dynamic range of the sensor.
I just looked in to that and found a setting in the camera for HDR. Switched that on and the footage is so much better! I suspect now its just a matter of fine tuning the other settings and getting a bit more proficient with editing!

Thank you so much for your help :)
It will likely burn up the battery much faster.
The issue is dynamic range, the difference between bright areas and dark ares, which is why the HDR setting helps. That setting reduces highlights (bright areas) and raises blacks, effectively reducing the dynamic range that has to be captured. Cameras have much lower ability to capture wide variations in light than your eye does, simply because your eye, as you look around, adjusts to what you're looking at. Your iris closes down when you focus on the lights, and opens up when you look at the background. The camera can't do that, it has to record the entire scene as best it can.

I would imagine that your phone camera has an HDR setting defaulted in. I know my Galaxy S7 does.

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