Why JPEG and not PNG


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Dec 9, 2007
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Except when shooting RAW, why do digital cameras store the image as a lossy JPEG file and not a lossless PNG file?
Older standard that everyone has adopted. Still a lot of political end fighting with PNG.
I know...I thought the same thing...but everyone loves their .jpgs...I've learned to just live with it...(most of the time I shoot RAW anyway)

It's not like .jpg is more supported where it matters. Let's be honest...who cares if they work in your DVD player? If I can view them on my computer and the printer can print them...then what difference does it make?

I'm sure it's the printer's fault. They probably wouldn't accept a .png...they're really fussy.
Not many local places locally print out PNG files, but everyone has no issues with JPG. It's just a standard that has been more accepted.

Honestly, in printed pics, I don't have anything against JPGs, the results are acceptable... its the complete workflow before that point that I try to avoid JPGs.

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