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Oct 29, 2007
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Cape Coral, FL
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Im new to this and I have notice that some of pics are coming up a little bit blurry and kind of light as you can see on the pic below....any ideas on what im doing wrong?

Its over exposed. Too much light is getting in the camera and is blowing out the picture. Remember fast shutter speed freezes action. In the case of your picture you can use a faster shutter speed. I would recommend shooting on auto or program (not sure of the canon equivalent) and taking note of the settings.
It is so totally NOT overexposed.
When you increase the depth of field, the shutter gets slower. In TV, you can't set get the ap/shutter synch. It would have worked out better in manual mode where you could have alligned both.
Other than a tilted perspective, I don't see much wrong here. Have you tried to sharpen it?
its def a bit over exposed and, after touching up it looks like you might need to steady your hand...

Nice edit, but that shoreline is still off.
It does look nicer with the black pop.
When I think of overexposure, I think unrecoverable.
I'm going to go back to the same place and take another shot at it. Ill post the new take.

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