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Nov 13, 2007
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Madrid ( Spain )
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The title comes from a popular sentence in spanish. Between its meanings, it can be used when you have just solved a problem and you cannot see any in the near future, meaning you have room to do almost anything you want.

This comes because lately I have had problems with noise in my pics, I knew nothing of noise reduction until I read somethig about Noise Ninja, well, it has given me life...

This was shot at ISO800 with the sun almost down and handheld.

It's a bummer you didn't have a tripod, or at least a steady place to put your camera. Because it often makes a difference for the better if you lower the ISO's and just increase the shutter speed time.

You managed to hide any noise here however, and nice blue sky.
Thanks both for your nice comments.

Yes, it was a shame I didnt have a tripod because I failed to take a proper pic of the sunset which was nice.

I forgot to mention the photo was taken in the region called Castilla La Mancha, from an elevation where there is a Castle on top of it and the view is magnificent.

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