Wildlife Photography Blunder - caption needed

I can't think of a caption. But that guy is NUTS!!!
IS THAT GUY INSANE! He could have been gored... or gotten lucky depending on how desperate the winner was. (I assume they are fighting over mating territory) On the up side, getting a good action shot of 'whatever' happened would have been priceless. :lol:
"Wonder if I can pet them?"

On a similar note a few years ago a guy stepped off of the board walk in Yellowstone so he could get closer to the bison, he got the e-ticket ride of his life along with his goring.
That dude is an actual living representation of Nigel Thornberry.

That "guy" looks like a woman...
That "guy" looks like a woman...

It kinda does, I was so taken by the person's proximity to the large, dangerous, wild animals that I didn't look that closely at her/him. :) In any case he/she is still an idiot.

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