Winding path to the ocean

Majeed Badizadegan

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Jul 14, 2011
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Just off the 101, here's a recent shot of a winding path down to the ocean...

Some different crop possibilities with this one, can't quite decide. What do you think?

#1 No crop


#2 Equal aspect closer in:


#3 Wide crop

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I prefer number 1 because it has the best balance and is easier on my eyes.
I vote no crop! I love the lines <3 Wish the people weren't there though, you could definitely lose a perspective without them.
I'd say #2 because the part of the road closest to the bottom edge in #1 lacks contrast and doesn't stand out well, whereas #2 has only the further part of the road which is easier to see and is a better leading line. Another factor is that the curve of the road is clipped off on the left in #1.
Id love a little more room on the left, and could you tweak the processing to let the patch pop more? its such a great leading line!

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