Windsurfing at sunset


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Feb 5, 2009
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Hi, this is my first time posting photos here. Despite the warm colors, it was very cold. These were taken with a D90 and the 18-105mm kit lens. Any critiques would be appreciated. Thanks!



I love the colors! My only critique would be that the first one you really have to search to find the surfer. You don't immediately know what the subject is. But the sun and clouds are awesome!
Welcome to ThePhotoForum! :D

Wouldn't this be kite surfing, much rather than wind surfing?

Well, whatever, the colours are pleasing and look good, not cold (!) ;) - although I believe you when you say that in fact it was cold out there. I really like the "stripes" in the water of the water in the second photo, breaks up the surface nicely, as does the reflection of the setting sun. I also like how the kite is backlit by the setting sun. Sharpness is good. Silhouetted surfer looks good, too, although he's setting out for a new trip much rather than surfing in 2. But I still find that one better than the 1st.
I love the colors, and agree with all comments above.

2 is my favorite, the surfer in 1 is kind of hard to see, and I would love to be there in the warm weather ;)
It took me a while to find the surfer in the first one but overall composition is great in both of them. And if it's cold there do you want to switch places with me? Here you wouldn't even dare to put your finger into the water (unless you're one of those freaks that go swimming on new years lol)
Those colors are awsome I really like #2 as well
Thanks for all the nice replies! Now that it's been mentioned, I do agree that the person is too hard to see in the first photo. I'll try darkening him down the next chance I get.
wow, they look awsome, the sun in the first one is great

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