Winter Fireworks


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Nov 15, 2007
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Anchorage Alaska
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Heres some Fireworks at the local mountain in Girdwood. one was vefore a tripod then the other two were with a tripod. please share feedback and critiques.



Yeah, #2 is wacky! (in a good way ;) )
Wow, I really love 1 and the angle of the fireworks coming from the hill.
They're all amazing...but 2 is my favourite. Looks almost like it was planned just to be a photograph. Framed perfectly with trees, and a great deal of depth. the dynamic range is awesome, and everything is properly exposed... it would be cool if the fireworks were larger like the first one...but other than that it's awesome.

I like the little dotted line effect in the first one on the blue one.
wow! with the snow, they look surreal! #2 is crazy good!
Thanks I shot it actually on my friends Pentax K10D 50-200m lens it was a fun night celebrating the kickoff to the US nationals at Alyeska Resort in Girdwood. - Thanks Eric for the camera
I think the first two are spectacular. You should feel good about those ones.
reminds me of "fake plastic trees" by radiohead. these are stunning, nice job

edit* oh and by the way i live in collingswood too oblivious^^^ hahaha. small world eh. or ig forum, i guess depends on how you look at it.
Flat out amazing.

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