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Winter Wonderland Austria (including my girlfriend) :)


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Jun 22, 2005
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Innsbruck, Austria
Hello there,

I took my camera to the top of the Patscherkofel several days ago, this is what came out. What do you think of them? I don't know what I should think of the horizon line being in the middle of the picture, I tried to change it right there but couldn't find anything interesting close to my feet to lift the horizon line a little farther up without making it look boring.

Comments & Critique appreciated.



First one's pretty decent, but the shadow in number two is really distracting, and unfortunately it's right below the pole, so if you cropped it that'd have to go. The background is georgous though.
Lovely scenery.
In the first you could have achieved a less centred horizon by cropping the photo afterwards (since you did not feel like putting any more of the bottom into the frame as you already did), there is room to the right of the bench and in the sky. A slight shift might even do "the trick" already. Just try it. Test it out. It need not be the end result, but you might still see in how far the photo could be different.

And are you in Innsbruck as drowned by the masses of snow as all the places in the south of Germany are now?

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