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    I would like to experiment with wireless off camera flash, and need help finding the right equipment. Right now I have a Nikon N90s with no flash. I would like to put a small flash on the camera and have a more powerful flash off camera on a stand or something. Eventually I plan to have 2 off camera flashes working with the one on the camera. I would like it to have auto exposure capability but can live with manual if that will save a lot of money. I would also like it to be digital friendly so when my dream of someone making a digital back for my N90s comes true, I use it with that. I would like to spend less than $100 for the on camera flash and around $150 for the off camera flash. I would also like to have the wireless control built into the flash like the Sunpack PZ-5000 I know Nikon makes flashes that will do this but they are very expensive and the Sunpack sounds like it only works if all the flashes being used are that same model and I really don't want that big of a flash on my camera. Any suggestions on make and models along with some links that give good descriptions of how they work would be great.

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