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    So I have not brought our my camera for a week almost because I started new classes and have been super busy with that. I intended today to spend some time to try and find some interesting things to take pictures of (for my photography class) but alas did not. Im going to try and convince my husband to go away for a day so I can find something interesting to shoot...:lol:

    Anyway like everyone else on here I took my son Greyson to the park about 12:45 (yes horrible light but we were an hour from home and he had been in the car for an hour) and I brought out my camera. Does anyone ever look at you weird when you do this?

    Here is the result C&C welcome. Does anyone else have withdrawals? How often do you bring our your camera?;)



    3. Raccoon eyes...lol anyone know how I can fix this?


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