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Jul 25, 2010
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Went out and took a couple pics today nothing earth shattering so I figured I would work on my editing and see how it turned out. So here is a before and after shot in aperture priority (forgot I had it set to that) but oh well. So did I go to far or do you see anything different that could have been done?

1. Before

The right side is a little to dark/black after your PP. You did bring out the green and the sky. you should crop part of the right and top with a few branches of tree is distracting the sky. A little more brighter IMO because both the right and left side is dark.

IMO you took this picture too light which make the contrast and colors light. I think you did a lot of contrast in PP? If you do that you darken both side. You can try using color adjustment on the green and blue to bring out the color but won't darken the picture. Or You should take it again so you can do less PP and the picture will look better. Someone else probably give you better insight than me, but it's my .02 cents for what it's worth.
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Little too oversaturated for my taste, personally
I individually tweaked the color curves a bit and came up with this:
i like the pp in the op really great job at bringing out the color i would probably crop a little bit of the sky out but that would be it
1. Before
It looks like your White Balance was off a bit as it has a distinct yellow cast.

I did some quick editing using ACR and CS5. In ACR I adjusted the color temperature (WB) added a gradient to the sky, in CS5 I did a little cloning, dodge, burn, adjusted the mid-tone contrast, sharpened a bit and added a border. I had also rotated the photo 1° CCW.

KmH I like the artsy feel of the photo after your PP.

If I was going for a more natural look though I'd bring down the saturation of the OP's edit photo a bit and try to bring out a bit more blue in the sky.
Thanks everyone for the tips and I actually like both edits that were done. As far as the WB I made the rookie mistake of not checking the setting. So I figured it would be a good chance to see if I could actually save the photo in PP. I think I did go a bit to dark on the greens but I tend to do that so I am going to have to watch that in the furture.

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