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Oct 18, 2011
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Glasgow, Scotland
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Hi All,

So other than family snapshots I don't usually photograph people, however a day in the park recently afforded me the oppertunity to try and get some good shots of my mates on a sunny day and try my hand at shooting some candids as well. Here is the result.

World of Her Own by wee_pete, on Flickr

C&C is of course always welcome, I'd like to hear your opinion!
Rather nice; I might try and dial down the exposure and contrast just a hair, but I like the quiet simplicity.
I like lots about this. Only one oddity - the woman's attention is on whatever is in her hands but the composition and brightness lead my eye to the very bright bag at far left. I am very much not an expert but I might try to calm it down, perhaps a bit of local burning, perhaps a slight vignette to force the attention back to the middle, perhaps even cloning those bags out.
This is lovely.
Thanks juggler, I'll try a bit of a burn on the bags if I get the time to do another edit along with tiredirons suggestion of pulling the contrast back a touch.

Thanks manaheim, I originally thought she was looking at a phone or iPod but to me she kinda looks like she's knitting!

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