Worlds cheapest way to do macro photography!


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Sep 11, 2011
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Ok... So I was playing around today and I had a pair of binoculars next to me and a sudden though popped into my mind. If you reverse the binoculars you can go pretty macro and fisheyed on a tiny subject. I had my camera with me and placed the binoculars focusing on just a shell thing (I dont even know) and took a random few pictures just to see what it would look like. And here is some pretty low quality results but I'm sure anyone could use this for fun macro. But here are some pictures: $DSC_0518.jpg$DSC_0518crop.jpg$crop.jpg$DSC_0520.jpg

You can get a lot closer but I didn't feel like trying. I've never seen this before so I think it's pretty unique. NOT SERIOUS JUST FOR FUN
I would say ring reversal is the cheapest way to do Macro...
It may be cheap, but I can't tell what the subject is... even after reading the OP. It looks more like the main character in a horror mummy/zombie movie.

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