Worth Buying Large Camera Bag to Carry Camera + Other Stuff?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by astrostu, Oct 23, 2007.

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    I'm headed to Hawaii in 2 weeks for a geology field trip and I plan on bringing most of my camera gear - which amounts to:

    Sony digi video camera with spare tapes
    Canon S30 (old P&S as a backup)
    Canon Digi Rebel XT body
    Canon 35 mm f/1.4L lens
    Canon 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 lens
    Quantaray 70-300 mm f/4.5-5.6 macro lens
    Canon 430X flash
    spare AAA batteries for flash, camera battery charger
    assorted memory cards (12 GB total)
    cheapo tripod
    assorted filters

    The issue is that we're going to be hiking around on volcanoes most days, rain or shine, and we're required to bring our food with us along with 1-2 L of water, among other things. Tents, sleeping bags, etc. will be left in the vans for the day.

    At the moment, I have a Lowepro bag that barely holds all my equipment. Over the next few years as I actually gain equipment (next few years plan on buying a minimum of 3 new lenses* and eventually the successor to the Canon 5D), I was looking at purchasing the Lowepro Magnum AW camera bag.

    Since I don't have the equipment to currently fill it, I was going to hold off until I bought another lens. But now I'm re-considering since I think I might be able to fit all my stuff plus water and food, eliminating the need to carry a camera bag and a backpack.

    Bottom-line is: Is this a silly idea? Or does it seem like a good one that I won't regret?

    * 50 mm f/1.4; 24-70 mm f/2.8L, 70-200 mm f/2.8L.

  2. astrostu

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    Um ... anyone?
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    I don't see why it's a bad idea, if you will eventually need it on a regular basis anyway.
  4. Sideburns

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    I say go for it. bigger is better.
  5. Mike Jordan

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    Do you find your bag is heavy now when it's full? If you do, a bigger bag with more stuff in it is only going to be heavier. So that is something to consider.

    Another thing to consider, most times, you will not need everything that you have with you. So that's just wasted weight and space. But then again, if you took two bags and split it up, where would you leave the other bag? In the vehical? Then you take the chance that it will get stolen. So it would be better with you.

    It really comes down to how much you can comfortably carry on your back and still be able to do everything you need to do. If you can lug the weight comfortably then there's no reason to get the bigger bag. If you are struggling after an hour (or less) of packing your stuff now, just think what it's going to be like if you increase the weight by 25% to 30%.

    What ever you do, it sounds like you want to be sure and find a way to insure all of your equipment while you are there... just in case.


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