WTB: Canon Digital Rebel XT w/ 18 - 55 mm lense

Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by snaremop, Feb 26, 2007.

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    Here's my Story

    For Christmas I got a Yashica Mat 124 G camera, which has proved to be more of a camera than I can handle. It's more of a second camera, one that you might take out when you go hiking and have a beautiful view, not a camera that you can easily take around and use every day. I realized that I need to find a digital camera that's sort of semi-professional.

    So I was looking around, learning more about photography and cameras, and discovered that any worthwhile DSLRs on eBay are overpriced...
    Unfortunately, my salary doesn't allow me to go and buy one (I'm thirteen :lol:) new. A good DSLR retails for an average of 700 or so.

    I know asking for a DSLR is a pretty open ended question, but any replies would really be appreciated! I am applying to high schools soon, and I need to get my portfolio good by then!

    I was wondering if any of my fellow photographers hear on TPF could help an amateur photographer out and give me a good deal on a DSLR they need to sell. The maximum proce I am willing to pay is $300.

    If you are willing to sell me a DSLR with or without a lense please contact me by:

    PMing me on TPF.
    Emailing me: junk at bigelectricbill dot com

    Please don't flame me and be like "ZOMFG HE IS SUCH A N00B YOULL N3V3R GET A DSLR FOR 300!!! LOLZZZZZ!"

    Thanks -

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    Welcome. I wish I could help ya but I can say that my XT is my first SLR and I'm 17 so you can have alot of fun with it. I applied for yearbook next year and got in, my portfolio looked much better than many of my point-and-shoot wielding friends. I advise yo utry to take as many classes that use photography for a chance at a really good art scholarship. I'm talking the school newspaper, yearbook, photography, AP art, and anything else. That's just osme advie. I can say if you get an entry level DSLR you'll enjoy it. If not consider a 35mm camera. Seeming that oy ulike Canon's try a Canon Elan or so then when you upgrade that, you can use it's lenses on any other EOS camera, even DSLRs made by canon.

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