WTB Nifty Fifty (Nikon d3000)


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Oct 9, 2007
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Harlem New York
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i dont care if AF or not. i just want one badly and cant find any good deals on ebay right now. paypal verified and want to purchase as soon as NOW. thanks, PM me pics, specs, price. thanks

please include shipping cost in the price so i dont have to ask. im in NY. thanks
Somebody had one up here for like 85 not to long ago...like a couple days ago
I have one for you, but I don't know how payments are recieved here. I am guessing paypal?? Anyway, it has box and caps. No scratches or marks on the outside. 50mm 1.8D. PM me for pics. Price is $110 USPS priority.
As my status says, I'm a noob and can't figure out how to pm. Not easy to find the button like on fredmiranda.com
This is gay. 3 posts just to be able to send a pm. My third post. Jesus.
Selling one month old Nikon D3000. Used twice only. Item still in very good condition. Planning to upgrade, thus selling it at $600 only.

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