WTS Nikon D3 digital camera ASAP

Apr 5, 2009
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I have a Nikon D3 Digital Camera- SLR-12.1 megapixlel that i purchased a few months back for college. I am changing my major from photography to graphic arts and will not be needing the camera to further my studies. I am asking $2900 USD or best offer, as I am trying to purchase a Macbook Pro and adobe packages. Please Drop me a PM if you are interested. Pics available upon request.
Prolly not going to do to well without posting up some pics, a valid paypal/ebay account in good standing. That's an expensive camera and you just signed up... Where are you located?
i am in the process of getting pictures i just dont have another camera at the moment because i dont need it as you can see i have a top of the line camera but i will post pic soon and i am located in pa
where in PA? I might be interested. How many shutter actuations has it had? Lenses? Flash?
Lenses: Nikon (Standard) 18mm-70mm and Nikon (long lens) 55mm-200mm

Flash: Didn't come stock. But I have a Nikon Speedlight SB 800

I have the file numbering system set to continuous and it shows 2932.
I can tell you that you will have no success in selling a D3 on a internet forum without at least being able to provide pictures.

Try using a cell phone camera. Anything is better than nothing.
Just a question, why would anyone thinking to taking photography buy an FX camera and DX lenses.

Sorry, but something aint right here...........
man i wish i had the cash. gl with the sale!

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