WTS: Photographic enlarger lens


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Jan 21, 2008
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I have recently aquired two(2) What I believe to be photographic enlarger lens. The only information I know for sure is that they appear to never have been used. They are packaged like new. They have a Minolta company LTD. Made in Japan sticker. The serial numbers are as follows: 4127376-0004/19981208MN and 4127376-0004/19981207MN. One has a yellow sticker number 10840 and one has a yellow sticker 10234. The outside of the one box that held one of the lens says Optical assembly DI Chroic (B). I was told by a guy associated with ritz camera that DI Chroic always has something to do with photographic enlargers. Any other infomation that someone might have would be extremely helpful. I would like to sell these for a fair price. Any intrest or information would be greatly appreciated.[email protected]

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