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Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by Rock, Mar 7, 2008.

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    This may be a long shot but here goes....

    I have a Canon 300D 6.3 MP w/ upgraded firmware (this is basically running the 10D firmware). It also has a Canon BG-E1 battery grip and Canon strap. All pieces are in great condition and work perfect.

    I need a little more camera for what I have been doing and would like to trade the 300D and Grip for a 20D body.

    I don't have pics because it is the only body I own but if someone is interested I will see if I can find a way to get a few pics.

    If anyone is interested please PM me or shoot me an e-mail.




    Firmware Upgrade Information

    This camera was upgraded with the unDutchables firmware. It added the following features to the camera:

    - ISO 3200
    - Mirror Lock up for Timer and Single shot
    - Selectable pause for mirror lock up see C.Fn. 17
    - FEC on JUMP button
    - 'Left' button selects the autofocus mode:
    - AF OS - ONEShot
    - AF SE - AI-Servo
    - AF AI - AI-Focus
    - the default button in delete prompt was changed from 'Cancel'
    to 'OK'. So, be aware.
    Now if you want to delete an image, press DEL button and then SET
    one. To Cancel press any other key.

    - Continues Drive in Basic Mode
    - Jump = FEC only selectable in Creative modes
    - Left key = AF-Mode only selectable in Creative modes
    - WB selection in Basic modes
    - Custom Function 1 available in basic modes enabling:
    - Quality Select via SET button
    - Parameter select via SET buttons
    - Menu via SET button
    - Image Replay via SET button
    - WB-Bracketing


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