Yay, I'm unemployed. Sniff Sniff

Reporter asked me for my input on the industry and how big box stores and online labs were affecting local specialty shops, my reply was "You don't want my opinion...it's not suitable for publishing in your paper"
Sorry to see that. Progress is a cruel *****.
Yet another step in the Wal-Marting of America.

We're in a downward spiral now, circling the drain..............
Well, I believe there is still a need for local printing, just on a smaller scale and merged with the changing of the times. If all goes well, I should have a studio and a small lab up and running in a month or two, we'll see. I will mostly focus on studio photography, photo restorations, digital editing, classes, and printing. Still undecided if I want to do c-41 processing or not as I am not as familiar with it as I am digital. We'll see.

My real goal would be to streamline online ordering of my lab with Mpix and attack and re-aqcuire the local pro's work who have turned to online proofing and printing and stopped using local labs. I have built up a good rapport with many locals so that would be a focus for me for a while, getting back the professional photogs business.

anyway. I'll update later if things get rolling, or if I'm living under a bridge I'll try to find wifi now and then to update with photos of rocks and bugs.
That's a supportive "you can do it!" like.
:) Thanks.

Many of our long time customers who hate using wally labs and online would use me, and I've been giving out cards and teasing the locals with such a set up, so I'm hopeful. The key is going to be in keeping it small and profitable. I have zero interest in sales and watching work bomb on sales the past year has made it evident that any sort of sales would be foolish. I've already done up my codb, price per prints, and incorporating as much business as I can that is labor vs. product to keep me profitable.

The one great thing of all of it is that I won't have any overhead. This is the one key factor that will help me build and survive. I have a great contact who is going to help me set up and I will have no rent, in the lab or the studio. *wags tail*

Helps to know property owners and people who have buildings and space all over the state. lol
Ah, that sucks. It's sad to see decades of knowledge just disappearing.
I have seen this occurring with many labs and stores in my area.

The problem is that people don't print photo's.
They had no choice when there was film, but now with digital they can just post their images to let others view them ... and hardware is cheaper to buy online or through big box stores.

Good luck in your future conquests!
Fingers crossed hoping it works out for you.

if I'm living under a bridge I'll try to find wifi now and then to update with photos of rocks and bugs.
Find one near a McDonalds or Panera Bread - you should be able to hit the free beams. ;)
There is ALWAYS a need for a local "Go-To" person. Nashville used to have a bunch of local stores but we're down to only a couple now. They seem to do a pretty decent business since they have custom printing, scanning, converting 8mm/16mm and VCR to DVD, and so forth.

I hope everything works out. Send me your address when you get up and running. I don't print much but I'll give you a shot ;)
Like I said privately, let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
There is a lab local to me that specializes in the slightly better prints.
He doesn't try to match the low end stuff but does have a web site for digital sales.

He speaks at local camera clubs and does that kind of face-to-face advertising.

After a couple of years of complaints he improved his web site and his sales reflect it.

Let us know when you are up and running.

Awww, bummer deal, man. Sorry to hear about this. I hope the future shines brightly for you.

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