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Jun 20, 2005
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Aurora, CO
I finally broke down and got a new camera! I had said a while back that the olympus system was not totally satisfying, then i ran into the same dilemma that Cbay did(got turned down for a job due to "insufficient camera abilities") then, miraculously i went to the Best Buy store I work at this morning and looked in the computer, a local store has 2 20d's in stock. even with my discount its still a bit more expensive than BH but i can use my bestbuy card and not make payments, and i wont have to wait(sort of, more on that momentarily) for shipping. My store is transferring it over, and i can go pick it up after 2pm today! yay!
Congrats to you. Nothing better than "New Camera Day!"
oh man! no kidding, im still waiting on the battery to charge, but i am totally happy with it. It feels WAY better in my hand(i wasnt crazy about how small the e-500 is) and the biggest thing is, i dont have to struggle to get things dialed in MF. as soon as someone buys my olympus kit(god i hope sooN!) im going to get the 70-200 F4L and the possibly Sigma 24-70 F2.8 Macro and the vertical battery grip. Its raining/snowing here now so i cant go shoot, and i have a date tonight so tomorrow will be its first real use! i cant wait :D
fun indeed Doc! i took your advise, went with the canon, and i have a big giant :D on my face!

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