yellow leaves bending trunks (561kb)


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May 16, 2006
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SF Bay Area

The above is from a 4x5 transparency of Provia 100F film that I exposed through my 90mm Caltar lens this fall early afternoon on October 5th near the Virginia Lakes Road in the Eastern Sierra Nevada. Autumn leaves in this grove of quaking aspen were a noticeably brighter yellow than those in nearby areas. Intermittent snow showers were passing through under overcast skies with temperatures in the high 20s. I came upon this spot with small green grass blades poking up through the fresh white snow crystals and these aesthetically bending tall trunks I knew I had something special. After setting up this composition wth the sun behind clouds above and to the right, I waited for a slight breeze to still and the clouds to thin enough to bump up my exposure to about EV12.8. I Photoshop processed this small flatbed scanned web image for a close match to my transparency, especially the highlight color balance.

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