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May 17, 2011
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Working on improving my lighting. Nothing spectacular.

Feedback appreciated

Lighting looks good to me, but I'm a noob. Must've been hard balancing the reflective black and the matte white and not creating blown-out hotspots on the plastic and glass. Did you use a single light-source?
I used two 300ws lights: one brolly, 1/2 power from from above left pointing downward, maybe 4' above, 3' away. Second light, 1/32 power, positioned directly above the record, maybe 3' pointing downward. White reflector to right of open book, pretty much just to even out that shadow.

CZJ Tessar 50/2.8 @ f/11
Cool. Thanks for the reply. I was trying to figure out your lighting. The sticks showed the position of one light and I only saw one reflection on the glass. I couldn't figure out how the shadows around the book could have come from that one light. Thanks for the lesson. I've got one flash and I'm in the early phases of learning how to use it.
Good luck, man. Lighting has never been my forté. It's really hard, and I think the only way to proceed in learning is practice.

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