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Dec 1, 2007
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We had a couple of girls down at the studio on Saturday to take some stuff to update their portfolio. The mothers of these two were friends so they came together and we cut them a small break on the price. Anyway, believe it or not, the one is 7 and the other is 12...







7 This one wasn't for the portfolio, but it was just fun..
the last ones shadow looks unreal ... cool :D

7 & 12? ??? O.O

looks more like 12 & 16 lolz :D
7-year-olds should look like 7-year-olds. Ditto for 12-year-olds.

That being said, I like #'s 1 and 7.

Not a fan of #'s 4 and 5 because of the age of the girl and the poses she's in. Just kind of creepy to me.

JMO. Very good photographs, though.
I agree with the pp. The pictures are good but they make me cringe.. esp. the one's of the 7 yr. old.. kinda creepy.

But I agree.. the photographs are well done
You know I agree... I wouldn't have placed them in those particular poses. As a matter of fact I did very little posing throughout the entire session. The "models" did most of the posing themselfs. I did some minor tweeks here and there of arms, foot placement, etc. But the two photos in question were the models all on their own... The wierd thing is that the mothers were standing there and didn't think that these were innapropriate at all... I have a 3 year old daughter and there's no way that I'll be dressing them like that, or doing pictures like that. I want her to stay young as long as possible, as well as her twin brother.
Let me show you another one that I thought was a little sketchy. As a matter of fact I asked the mother before I took the shot, "do you really want her in that pose" and she told me it was fine...

As a matter of fact I asked the mother before I took the shot, "do you really want her in that pose" and she told me it was fine...

These pics of the 7-year-old have a creepiness factor, but they are not "sick." What's a poor innocent photographer to do with mom on the sidelines encouraging such poses? Lose a client? Not over those photos.

I'm sure it's tough to be put in that situation as a photographer.
Short of illegal I don't really care what I shoot. It didn't seem too creepy at the time. Looking back on the photos now, yeah they seem a little age inappropriate but really all it boils down to is a parent letting their kid grow up too fast. I mean I would venture to say that a lot of the young girls that are in these pagents and into modeling do poses that are a little ahead of their age. If you were a young model, looking up to these adult models doing shots like this, you would probably want to try to be as much like them as you could too. Either way, Lucky is right, I'm not turning away a customer...
Cool but agree with creepiness of a few
Pictures 4 & 5: Totally inappropriate poses for a child that age.

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