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Oct 15, 2007
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Dublin, Ireland
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Very nice Nossie. Great comp, and great color and texture. (just waiting for the peanut gallery to bash it for highlights) Good eye to be sure.
Is there beer inside? I'm not going in unless there is...

Joking aside... Great photo. (Looks like it could be the back door of a bar...)
I'm really gald you like it guys. I find it's a shot I can stare and be carried away into a dreamy state. I dunno why exactly, it's stillness lets me relax and then the door makes me curious and...?!

It's rare I actually post some of my work that I actually like. I usually post stuff that I don't like or I'm frustrated with, to see what others think. If I already like it then I don't bother.

This is 99% straight from the camera. (I was quite drunk and messing about with the levels for the snow and probably didn't put it back right)

There's another couple about so I should group them into a series I suppose.

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