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Dec 30, 2010
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Who knows anything about this service? Zaarly It's not spam, it's something like a backwards Craig'sList from what I can tell. They want to list me as a local photographer and connect me with clients, they charge the client a percentage.
There are so many of those. In all industries.

I used to get offers all the time for another business of mine and I turned them all down because I had no time to check them out. The problem with those is figuring out is not going to embarass you because they are so bad :)
Yeah, we're not spam at all. Actually our Director of Operations is a pretty sweet photographer himself: Adam Dean Photo

I run all the customer support and things for Zaarly. If you have any questions at all about how things work I'd be happy to answer them. We've had probably close to a million dollars worth of photography service requests on Zaarly since we launched last May. I could connect you with some photographers who use the service for lead generation too. We don't charge a fee unless the buyer pays you with Zaarly, you can negotiate for cash deals too for free.
Interesting concept for sure. I've been trading emails with Nick in the SF Bay area.
Just got your message... I have no idea how to respond privately so I'm just going to do it here.

You aren't really required to do anything on Zaarly except sign up and subscribe to alerts for the categories that are relevant to you (so for you it would be photography in whatever geographic radius you are willing to travel for jobs). After you are signed up for alerts, whenever someone in that area requests a photographer in the area we shoot you the details and you just go and make an offer on the job. I'm sure you could send portfolio examples or something to prove that you are the best person for the job.

If your offer gets accepted, you discuss payment details (either through our system or cash) and get the transaction done just like any other deal. If you are paid through our system you are required to pay our fee but we also troubleshoot transactions this way, unlike cash, but you can accept whatever off the platform fee-free. It's pretty simple, here is a video of the process:

Make sense? :)
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