Spend how much time in Badlands, Utah?

Discussion in 'Nature & Wildlife' started by EricBrian, May 4, 2008.

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    Ok, so for my team's retreat this September, we are planning on going to Yellowstone. And, since it is relatively close to Utah, I am thinking about taking some time to shot some pictures of the Badlands (Monument Valley). Anybody been there? How much time should I figure on spending there?

    I figure a day to drive down to Utah and a day to drive back. Then about 2 days to shoot pics. That sound about right?

    I am already excited about this. Can you tell? LOL

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    How long?

    As long as you can I think is the best advice ;) Even without going there its always best to spend as long in a place as you can - the longer you are there the more chance that you will see something good!
    Also try to get off the beaten trail if you can - many people wander along the same routs, see the same sight point and shoot == to get those really craking shots you have to wander off the trail or move to a different location or angle (lower down is often good to try as it gives a view of a subject that we don't normally see).
    I remember one bit of advice in a book I read which was when you first get on site and see something amazing (this was in the landscaping section) don't shoot. Wait and scout out the sight and then shoot - that way you have a better chance of finding and interesting angle

    Have fun! (dawns and sunsets are the best times -- 1 hour before or after)

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