1. Rui_Santos

    Black background and reflections

    Canon 80D + EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Do you like fruits by Rui Oliveira Santos, no Flickr Do you like fruits? by Rui Oliveira Santos, no Flickr Food by Rui Oliveira Santos, no Flickr
  2. nerwin

    Mmmm...Fresh Strawberries

    Nothing better than going to the farm and getting freshly picked strawberries. Fuji XT2 + 18-55 18mm, f/2.8, 1/60th, ISO 200
  3. nerwin

    Onion Rings - Oh yeah.

    I don't usually eat this kind of food, but stopped at a cool little snack bar in like middle of no where near the border of Canada and just couldn't help myself when I saw them on the menu. Taken with Sony RX100 M3
  4. redbourn

    Pork Chop and Carrots In Natural Light

    Went to a lot of trouble with this and tried to incorporate as much as possible what people here have helped me with. Didn't add much sauce on the chop because when I did that a few months ago you couldn't see the chop. Ironed the tablecloth and clamped it down; and puts some coins under the...
  5. redbourn

    Beef stew and mushrooms color problem

    Recently decided to go through all the photos that I have for my book in order to find out which ones are good enough and which ones I need to reshoot. This photo is kind of problematic because it's hard to see the mushrooms. But reshooting it wouldn't help because stewed beef and mushrooms are...
  6. redbourn

    Beef Stew With Bell Peppers And Red Wine

    I am moving to a really wonderful place in 10 days so my focus has been on lots of different things. But I decided today to have another go at improving my lighting. I like the result, but please be honest. Beef Stew With Peppers And Red Wine Serves 4 Prep time 10 min Cook time 2 hours 10...
  7. redbourn

    Want to have a laugh at my newbie chicken expense ?

    Want to have a laugh at my expense? No problem ;-) I laugh at myself pretty often. I cooked a wonderful lemon chicken and wanted to photograph it today. Earlier I read what seemed to be a great trip. "Set up the photograph on something movable", and it made sense. First thing that...
  8. redbourn

    How to set up this chicken shot tomorrow

    Took this with my phone earlier just to try and get some ideas about what to do about it when I try to get a good photo for my book tomorrow. First thing that springs to mind is to probably separate the chicken and potato with the beans. A piece of butter or margarine in the potato? It was a...
  9. redbourn

    Is burned out sometime acceptable

    I took this photo today and it's burned out on the right hand side. However I see many photos that have something similar. I can't lower the whites anymore without causing artifacts. Comments and advice would be very welcome. Thank you .. Mike's Best Baked Honey Chicken Tenders Chicken...
  10. redbourn

    beef that looks like chicken in stainless steel

    Maybe trying to shoot inside a stainless steel pot is presently beyond my area of photographic expertise. And I should have taken the photo yesterday before I ate half of it ;-) To me, the beef stew looks like chicken. It would make me crazy if I wasn't determined to stay strong. I promise...
  11. redbourn

    Help with my mayonnaise please ..

    The good news is that this is a salad, it still exists, and I will have another chance to photograph it. I am quite happy with the plating and the shadows, but next time I shoot it, what can I do about the mayonnaise at around top center. Just remove the mayonnaise perhaps but it will still...
  12. redbourn

    White highlights in food.

    The food can be improved but what about the photo ? The white highlights in the image ? Are they OK ? Or how to avoid them the next time I shoot the food ? Thanks ..
  13. redbourn

    Pork stew - focus and comments

    Got held up cooking and taking photos for a few days but am now back. Tried to take on board many of the pointers that I recently got here and this is my latest attempt. The image is F22 but I have lots of others. What seems a little odd to me, but then I'm a relative beginner, is that the...
  14. redbourn

    Easy Sausage And Lentil Stew

    I cooked this today and it's good for beef, pork or kosher sausages. Just tried it with my phone and am wondering how to add some green? Scouting before using camera and lighting etc. I added a plate under the main one that has some green. Don't see adding a sprinkling of a herb on a stew.
  15. redbourn

    Steak Pie

    My latest food photo and hopefully they are getting better. It looks a little too yellow to me and also seems to have a hint of green. I used a gray card and also have Spyder hardware which I used to calibrate my monitor. Have tried to incorporate some tips that were given me on previous...
  16. redbourn

    Comments on first softbox food photo ..

    Please be as honest as you want. I'm here to learn and won't have hurt feelings. A first test with my new softbox and reflector. I have so much to learn about lighting! Not really asking about composition but comments are also very welcome. The dish was/is white. The meal was left-over curry...
  17. CallibCarver

    Breakfast | CCs Welcomed

    I've been shooting a lot of things around my apartment lately. Nothing fancy, it's really just for fun. It's become an interesting project, inspired by a post I came across on the forums. Most of the shots are black and white and are interesting in their own way. But this is the first shot I've...
  18. mickeyc95

    HELP! what kind of lens is this???

    I am sorry if i am posting this in the wrong section. However, I am not a photographer and I have this huge lens from work. I would like to know more info about it and where I can possibly sell it. Like I said I'm not a photographer sorry for low quality pictures. thank you