Help with my mayonnaise please ..


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Dec 18, 2009
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Nazaré, Portugal
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The good news is that this is a salad, it still exists, and I will have another chance to photograph it.
beet n egg salad - punch.jpg

I am quite happy with the plating and the shadows, but next time I shoot it, what can I do about the mayonnaise at around top center.

Just remove the mayonnaise perhaps but it will still glisten.

Thanks for any tips,

"Beets in a Bowl!"
Ok on a serious note. I agree, leave it off. No one will know. If you want some look of mayonnaise then just water it down so it coats everything with a bit of sheen, not globs.
Beets make me barf, mayo makes me fart. Nice shots, great improvement in your food shots.
I'd try a CFL to see if it helps
you're getting a lot of glare from the knife too
Before I worried over lot about the mayo I would try and boil some eggs without over-cooking them. That greenish ring around the yolk is a dead give away

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