1. Flavio

    Google Photos Alternative

    Hi, I'm looking for a site that I can upload multiple photos so I can share that "album" to my wife and then she can delete some of that photos. Anyone knows something like this? Thanks a lot!
  2. Giuseppe Torcasio

    Giuseppe Torcasio

    Giuseppe Torcasio: Portrait
  3. M

    Print/DIGITAL for my photography business.

    Hello everyone! (sorry if I am not in the right thread) So I am in the process of opening up my a studio where I will be designing and also running my photography business. What I am struggling with is how to offer prints if I do not print onsite? I know it may sound silly, but I am lost...
  4. A

    Client Galleries - Which do you like best?

    Trying to decide which client gallery is the best option for me. I love the commission free option of Pixieset but love the functionality of Photoshelter. Would appreciate your experiences and thoughts with these and/or any of the others. Thanks!
  5. M

    Is ir worth to become a photographer?

    Hi, everybody! Here is the link of my gallery All the pictures are made from phone It's important for me your opinion Do I have a talant? Or these are onli nice pics for Instagram? Morskaja87's DeviantArt Gallery Thanks a lot!:)
  6. Msteelio91

    Climbed Kilimanjaro [Pic heavy :) ]

    Hey all, I recently had the experience of a lifetime exploring Tanzania and climbing Kilimanjaro. My fiance and I did it together with 8 other climbers in our group, and the help of our guides and porters (Gods of men they are!). We also did a 4-Day safari afterwards, which I'm still working on...
  7. itsjustbreality

    Newbie Looking for Some CC!

    Hello! I am new here. I posted an entire book about my photography experience in the welcome forum (haha), so I'll spare you the details here. Long story short, I've been exposed to photography here and there, but just started taking it seriously. I'm a serious hobbyist for now with the...
  8. Trevor Harris

    Name that Gallery!

    Hey all, So I'm nearing the launch of my website and I'd like a little help. Linked below you will see all my galleries on the website. I do have photos that I don't really feel like they fit into either of them so I created an "other". However, the name doesn't sit well with me. Any...
  9. Nicklass77

    Welcome to my new blog of my pics

    Hi everyone ! I want to present to you my blog about my perdonal pictures. As still a french photography amateur, I plan to explore more of this domain and to take the most important sense of this art according to my feelings about it. Wish you a good visit, and of course don't hesitate to like...
  10. mickeyc95


    hi everyone as you know i am not a photographer. i came across this lens at work and would like to get more information on it. if someone can tell me where to go get more info that would be awesome! also like where i can maybe even sell it. like i said not a photographer sorry for the low...
  11. P

    Looking for a site....

    Hello all! I'm really excited to have found this forum! My first question, and hopefully I'm in the right about an upcoming event I'm doing. I'll be shooting an open house for a business. Afterwards, I'd love to give people the option to buy the photos. Is there any such site that...