1. A

    I just want to know where can i find this filter , overlay , pattern .

    Whatever It Is Called , i dont know where to find it , i searched the whole internet. No luck , any app , method or technique, that can produce similar results , without actually having to print pictures and make it like this
  2. primefactor123

    #sunset on Instagram

    This is probably one of the most popular hashtags on IG. If you haven't seen it already, I think you should. There is so much variety! Enjoy. :)
  3. P

    Best lens for social media (blogs/instagram)

    I'm a canon user so i'm thinking the 35mm-70mm would be perfect for it. however, are there better options?
  4. B

    Social media advice

    I find managing social media for my photography pretty difficult. Found a decent article on social media strategy, particularly Instagram strategies for photographers. MOD EDIT - link removed. I would be keen to know if anyone has tried any of the advice it says in there. Has it worked? I...
  5. D

    Instagram Photographers that are really good

    Hi Guys! I would like to make a list of good amateur photographers that you follow on histogram. I need more inspiration. So please add your favorites! I can start. Here is a guy I'm following, based in Sweden I think! @bjorn_ceder Now its your turn to add some good ones!
  6. Ross Photography

    Need Help Getting Started

    I aspire for my camera to eventually pay itself off, as I'm sure all of you do. I want to know what the best course of action is for me to start making a little money. I mostly do nature and outdoor photography, you can look at some of my work on Instagram. I have thought about doing a few...
  7. nerwin

    Instagram kind of sucks.

    I spend so much time on Instagram because I'm trying to get more followers and likes. I have to post certain photos, certain editing style, certain times of the day, certain hashtags and follow trends. It's an incredible amount of work to just get 15+ followers and then to only have them all...
  8. vinnyv

    What's up everyone

    Kinda new to photography and haven't explored many artists or pages that are good examples of abstract photography. If you have any recommendations or good abstract instagram pages hit me with a reply. Also here is a link to my page if you wanna peep my photos plutonashfan (@plutonash_fan) •...
  9. H

    Two Instagram accounts?

    Hello! Hopefully I post this the right place. I'm an old fart starting out with Instagram, and need some advice. I photograph (and write about) cars as a part time income. Other stuff I shoot is landscape, nature and "random" things. I've a Insta account with a few photos (and even less...
  10. mattbrsc

    Judge my Photos

    Hey guys! I'm an avid photographer and I'm fairly popular on Instagram. My posts don't get as many likes as I would like. I see many smaller accounts that have more likes and better photos than me. I really just need some opinions and criticism so that I might get better. Thank you for any...
  11. SashaGonta

    I just want to know what you think of my photos and what to convey to you?

    What do you think of my pictures? Not to post all the photos I put the link instagram: Sasha Gonta (@unphacido) • Instagram photos and videos
  12. G

    how do professionals get these results ?

    Hello, first I would like to mention english is not my first language so please excuse any grammar mistakes. I am an aspiring photographer working and learning everyday to be better to start my photography business. First time I held my camera (D5200) and took a few pictures and looked at them...
  13. AStateOfWanderlust

    Is there a way to embed or link Instagram photos to the forum?

    As the title asks.. Any photos I will be sharing will be coming from the photos I post on Instagram. Was just wondering if there was a way to link them over to here.
  14. AStateOfWanderlust

    Hey guys, new member again!

    New member again. I first came across this site back in 2009 under the name Sockles and have come a longgg way since then. It's pretty embarrassing looking back at my activity and photos at that time. It also has made me realize how far I have come in this photography world. I would have to say...
  15. leeshification

    Thoughts on Instagram?

    I've had a photography account on Instagram for a few years now but just recently started trying to regularly update it. Does anyone have any tips for how to succeed on Instagram or any thoughts on running a social media account in general? Good photography accounts to follow? Thank you! :)
  16. footballfan993

    Social Media

    Do you use social media to promote your photography? What kinds do you use? What are some good tips on using it. Do you use hashtags, what do you use hashtags for? I currently have a website, that doesn't have much on it at the moment, I'm still in the process of learning code. I do also have a...
  17. A

    Requesting Transparent Critique

    Hi Guys! I'm a new member of the site, and an avid amateur photographer / Instagrammer. Currently learning the interrelationships between my Nikon's features, and just breaking my DLSR in. Also, working on different editing techniques (using IG and LightRoom at the moment), and searching for...
  18. footballfan993

    Social media guides

    So Other than a website, and/or Facebook page, do you use any other social media, such as Instagram, which just released multiple account support or twitter? What kind of tips do you have?Instagram adds official support for multiple accounts on iOS
  19. footballfan993

    Instagram multiple accounts

    Do you use Instagram? Instagram, has just released support for multiple accounts on iOS (Apple) products, meaning if you have two or more accounts, you no longer have to log in and out of them. Instagram adds official support for multiple accounts on iOS Do you use Instagram for your photography?
  20. footballfan993

    Have you thought about your username?

    Have you ever thought about why you have the username that you do? What made you pick it and what made you use this username for multiple sites, if you do use it for more than one site? My username, Footballfan993, is a rather odd username for me, because I don't like American football or...