1. P

    anyone shot great video with just iphone? what accessories do you bring with you?

    more of a vlogging style. do you do everything handheld? use gimbal? use a tripod? how were you able to make the video stand out when all the footages out there are using big dslr and other gear equipments of higher quality.
  2. P

    difference between Iphone and dslr in quality?

    what is the difference anymore? Unless you really look at the details there isn't any. also, with a lot of final images and even videos being color graded and filtered it is even harder to tell. Is the iphone the future of photography and videography? even for video taking, attaching a stable...
  3. H

    Should I buy a camera?

    Hi there, Whenever I’ve been hiking or travelling I’m normally disappointed by my photos when I get home (I use an iPhone 7). I often find it quite difficult to frame landscapes nicely without walking a load to get the shot right, because I can’t zoom without losing the image quality. I’m a...

    Which pairs with photography better?

    I don't mean to start the Android/Apple debate, but I am currently in the market for a new phone and would like to take into account the device I use everyday. Do either provide more of a photography tool than the other? Whether it be access to certain apps, having better tools within, or...
  5. T

    DSLR vs iPhone camera

    I've always loved photography and taking pictures, but I'm only just getting started with learning how to take good pictures and that includes the camera that's used. I have been thinking of getting a good DSLR camera (and stop using my smartphone's crappy one), but since it's very expensive...
  6. P

    DAM (Photo Organigation) for iphone photos

    I take a lot of photos as I was a pro photographer and loved iview media (now media pro by phase one) and recently bought photo mechanic (also have lightroom and photoshop for processing photos). I'm trying to organize all my photos as I don't want all my photos living on the cloud/iphone...
  7. Olivia_ZZZ

    Do you have experience with printing iphone 7 photos?

    Do you know how big is too big if the photo is not cropped? Thank you!
  8. jeffW

    iPhone app watermark on instagram pics?

    looking for an app that can place my ©JeffWolfram.com over pictures I take with the iPhone before I upload them to Instagram and or social media. Anyone have any suggestions? preferably something simple thanks, jeff
  9. A

    Asking for photo accessory advice; visiting my girlfriend in Terrace, British Columbia in March.

    I don't get to visit my girlfriend often and I'd like to try and take some decent (or as decent as mobile phone lenses get) photos of her/us and the scenery around her town. I'll probably take some portraits of her, and some landscapes of the mountains and surrounding forestry. EDIT: I have an...
  10. footballfan993

    Apple vs. FBI

    I'm wondering what are your thoughts on the Apple vs. FBI case, that has popped up in the next this week? The latest that I have heard is that Apple has shown that the Apple ID of the iPhone owner's device was changed after the FBI was in possession of the iPhone. Apple implies FBI screwup...