1. Bill R

    Need thougths to further identify my Mom's old camera ...

    Greetings ... I have almost finished a 2-part retrospective on Ansel Adams for our camera club ... and I was inspired to go through my Moms old equipment included things given her by her older brother who graduated from Brook's Institute in the early 1940s. Several items are the same as Ansel...
  2. TV_or_not_TV

    Old Kodak 35mm-film cameras

    Does anyone have a list of all the Kodak 35mm-film cameras manufactured in the U.S. before the 1970s (going back to the early '30s), that are still able to use modern-day 35mm film (if so, please post it up)? If not, can anyone name as many Kodak camera models as they can that fit my specific...
  3. photoflyer

    Kodak No. 1 Series II camera

    I know this is not worth much but I thought I would share. Anyone have experience with these? It has been sitting around in the basement for a very long time and I finally took it out to have a look. Perfect working order though I don't have film to prove that. I think it is a family...
  4. R

    Shooting Color Neg Film

    Let's say you have a roll of Kodak Portra 400 and you shot it at ISO 320 (1/3 stop) or even a full stop at 200 to purposely overexpose it then develop it normally it at its box speed of 400. Would that be a good idea since it's always better to overexpose color negative film when you're unsure...
  5. S

    HELP: How to clean a Kodak 620

    Hello, I bought this beautiful camera (Kodak 620 Box-Camera) yesterday in order to complete my collection. But sadly I can't figure out how to clean it properly. To do so, I would need to open up the front, which I have no clue how. Thanks for every help in advance Strajuck
  6. E

    CREO/ Kodak IQsmart 2 Scanner FOR SALE

  7. W

    Sunny 16 rule

    Hi, I don’t speak English that well so sorry for any mistakes. I have Minolta x-700 and kodak 200 gold and I’m going to Hawaii, California etc. so very sunny places and I’m planning to photograph in the daylight. Everyone keeps telling me to follow the sunny 16 rule so that means that I should...
  8. S

    Strange spots in film

    Hello Everyone, I have this problem developing the film. These strange spots appear in the film also there are these faded lines. I can find why is this happening. I use D76 1+1 20ºC 10.25mins Tmax My theory is I didn't dissolve well the D76 solution I roll poorly the film into the...
  9. Mitica100

    Kodachrome Making a Comeback?

    I dunno, this just popped up on my Google. Could it be true? https://petapixel.com/2019/02/04/kodak-film-business-on-brink-of-being-sold-report/
  10. M

    Kodak Ultramax 400 - Green and Murky

    I've recently invested in a Canon EOS 50e film camera. I shot through my first roll of (fresh) Kodak Ultramax 400 on aperture priority, not using any exposure compensation, and got them developed and scanned by a third party. I'm disappointed with how my images (see below) have come out. They...
  11. danisat

    Kodak cameras

    I receive publicity about the zoom cameras kodak Which is yours opinión?
  12. A

    Exposure of a Kodak Colorplus 200

    Hi, I'm still trying to figure out using my Kodak Colorsnap 35. I'm working my way through the manual however I'm stuck already! I need to set the exposure value and film speed and I've no idea how to work out what it should be (my options are between 10 and 14). Ive currently got a Kodak...
  13. P

    Transparent smelly film after developing

    Hi all, I recently had two rolls of Kodak 400 color film developed at a store. I dropped the film off at the store and had them mailed to me. One of them had gone through X-rays multiple times before being developed but came out fine. However, the other came out blank/transparent with not...
  14. A

    What film would I need for a Colorsnap 35?

    Hi, I'm new to photography and have recently been given a Kodak Colorsnap 35. Could someone possibly link me to a film that would fit the camera. I know I need a 35mm but will any 35mm fit? Thanks
  15. L

    Have you seen these chemical stains?

    Hi all! I got some film of mine developed at a lab and I've been seeing these weird shadow-y marks around the sprockets. the lab uses Fuji chemistry and I shoot both Kodak and Fuji, weirdly enough I only see it on Kodak film. Let me know if you have any ideas of what it could be!
  16. S

    My Kodaks

    I have three Kodak cameras, an Easyshare M380, an Easyshare Z712, and a very old DC290. ..... john
  17. S

    Expired ektachrome 100 in 1996

    Hello everyone, I am going to shoot with expired ektachrome films this weekend, which is intentional, and makes sense for the concept of my project. It expired in December 1996. I am expecting to do some or a lot of job with photoshop in terms of color balance. My only concern is...
  18. U

    New compact, Mju III

    First results of my new camera, Olympus Mju III. Film is Kodak Colorplus, my favourite cheap film. :) Untitled by Ugur Ugurlu, on Flickr Untitled by Ugur Ugurlu, on Flickr Untitled by Ugur Ugurlu, on Flickr Untitled by Ugur Ugurlu, on Flickr