1. nerwin

    Mirror to the past

    I know this may not be my best photograph and that's okay. It has meaning to me even though it may look like a random photo, the reason it has meaning is that that day when I was photographing, I was having a very bad day and I kept thinking about the past and present. i know it's nothing great...
  2. M

    looking myself in the mirror.

    My attempt on a self portrait while walking the street.
  3. Svenisko

    Zenit E Mirror falls down in Bulb mode

    Hello. I bought Zenit E in really good shape. Everything is smooth and shutter works correctly. But few days ago, Bulb mode stopped working. Shutter works correctly, it stays open when I lock the shutter release button. But mirror doesn’t lock up. I’ve opened the Mirror mechanism cover and...
  4. J

    What converter should I buy for this Spiratone lens?

    So I recently bought an old lens for quite cheap at a thrift store (the specs on the sides say "Spiratone 1:5.6 f=300mm Mirror Lens No.8300968 ø72 Minitel-S Plura-Coat"), and it appears to be built for SLR cameras rather than my Canon Rebel. I've done some research and it appears that a t-ring...
  5. P

    why does my video web cam on macbook better quality than the dslr lens mount on tripod?

    when filming myself (make me look better) vs a dslr full frame set at 35mm lens mounted on tripod on video mode? which is more of an accurate look? also is this how other see me compare to mirror we look at everyday?
  6. nickvickvick

    Canon FTb Black spot on mirror

    Hello To everyone, Im quite new to the forum and sorry in advance if I didnt post this in the right section. Recently I've started shooting film and couple of days ago I bought a Canon FTb. Upon inspection I noticed it has a big black spot on the mirror, as you can see in the photos I posted...
  7. M

    Yashica Quartz FX-D mirror stuck

    Hi! I took a photo with my Yashica Quartz FX-D and the mirror never came down. The wind on lever is stuck and won't move forward and although I can push the capture button down, no picture is taken. The mirror is definitely not stuck up because it's gummy, I took it to the repair shop and...
  8. A

    Are there any Cameras with a mirror image setting?

    I'm looking to do some vloging and I prefer my aesthetic in a mirror image as opposed to traditional, are there any cameras with this ability? Thanks
  9. MariaDolore

    Retro lens with adapter bumping in to mirror

    Hi! I have a problem, i have a retro lens from the 60s (Super-Takumar 55/1,8) with M42 mount adapter (simple adapter, no glass) witch I use on my Nikon D7200. When i focus the mirror bumps into it. Witch adapter should I use? (sorry for my bad english)