1. KalitheArtist

    Galaxy S7 Pro Mode

    I just got the galaxy s7, (not the edge), and I have got to say it is absolutely fabulous to have! It's got a pro mode where you can set the white balance, the aperture, ISO, and shutter speed! It's got effects as well. Matrix, center-weighted, or spot metering! Multi-AF or center. I am in love...
  2. KalitheArtist

    Practice with Robins

    I'm fairly new to the game, only been a few months, but I shoot with a Nikon D3300. These particular pictures were taken with my 800mm infinity telephoto lens. I'm still getting used to the camera shake, but I would like some comments on what I could do to take better pictures. I tried my best...
  3. breewolfphotography

    Hello from Arizona!

    Hey everyone! I'm so glad to have found this forum. My name is Aisha. I am 22 years old and I live in Northern Arizona. I have 3 Golden Retrievers that I absolutely adore and I have a full time job as an Administrative Assistant, I graduated high school early and I started working full time...
  4. T

    New York Street Photography

    Follow me on: Flickr Toni Parada Instagram Toni Parada (@mrtoniparada) • Instagram photos and videos
  5. BrettMikaluk

    Hello from Alberta!

    Hey there! my name is Brett! I'm new to the site and thought I would introduce myself seeing as there's a place to do it anyways! So my name is Brett, I'm 18, I attend Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton (I'm taking graphic design) and I shoot almost entirely on film! (I shoot with my Minolta...
  6. V

    To be the very best!

    Hello everybody! Let me introduced myself a little bit, my name is Daniel and I am 16 years old. I have doing photography little over a year now and I have gain a lot of skill. That said only camera skill, I have recently fighting over myself how to become better. I mostly learn photography...
  7. T

    New Film Look Photo Editing Tutorial

  8. A

    Buying first camera!!!!! NEED HELP

    I borrowed my brothers Nikon D3300 for a weekend and absolutely fell in love with photography! I'm looking to buy my first camera and am really getting mixed messages as to where to start. My friend who's amazing at photography suggested I start with something in the Canon t series but I wanted...
  9. P

    automotive photographer (:

    hello i'm robert i'm a photographer specialy intrested in automotive photography i did graphic design since i've been 8 (yes i was a little kid back then) i do graffiti work and automotive custom paint jobs i am allso disgraphic wich means i cant spell in any language (even my own) please...
  10. circlekay


    Hey guys, I just started my own photo-narrative blog on Your support would be much appreciated! If you liked my post, feel free to click the enjoy button, it'd mean a lot to me. If you guys are also interested in following my journey on exposure, you can subscribe to my feed through...
  11. L

    Help me buying film camera

    hello, I decided to buy film camera, now i'm thinking about Pentax k1000, I guess it's good one for beginner. What do you think? Is it a good choice? How to choose it, while buying online? What about lens? thanks
  12. Cameron B

    Hey Guys!!!

    Hey guys!! Greetings from Alberta, Canada! Im wanting to get into photography as a hobby and would love your guys help! Ive never had a DSLR camera before or really any other decent camera and I'm looking at a few; right now I'm a iPhone photographer :P I just thought i would introduce my...
  13. mrsblackfoto

    Help new to photography world!

    hi there my name is Krystal I'm a mother of two and just begun to take photography more seriously. My goals are to have a business and also be involved in the fine art spectrum of the field. I have a background in art I always been better at thinking with the creative side of my brain so...
  14. Ariadna VEA


    Hellooo! My name is Ariadna, Im 24 years old, Im from Mexico and Im new! not only here, but also in the photography world, I have a PADI Diving Scuba Certification, I really really want to dedicate my self to the underwater photography, I also have the certification for this. But im still...
  15. K

    New here!

    Hey everyone, I am newish to Photography. I have been taking pics (Lots of them) since I can remember, I always had a camera with me LOL. Well I decided recently since I am a stay at home wife due to health conditions that I would make it into a hobby that I share with others. I would also Love...
  16. alringg

    New to wedding photography need advice

    Hello! I am a budding photographer and am branching out to wedding photography. I have taken senior portraits and have mostly just used my 18-55 mm and 70-200 mm. I have been making do with the 70-200 to get those blurred background portraits. But I want to really give this couple some amazing...
  17. KalitheArtist


    Hello! My name is Kali, like the dog Collie. lol Yeah... I'm 25 and I'm a graphic designer, web designer and a beginner photographer. I have always had an interest in photography. I always took pictures, but never pursued much information. So this year, I finally purchased my first dslr...
  18. LTK7

    Is this a new trend?

    Please do not post images to which you do not hold rights. You may post a link.
  19. footballfan993

    Hello, New, and new photographer

    I'm a new photographer that has just purchased my first Canon Rebel T5 DSLR in May of 2015. I'm also a college student, and have picked up photography as a side hobby/side job. I am located in Wisconsin and am willing to take many types of photographs, and learn how to properly take photographs...