1. Hollar94

    Editing Headshots Help

    Hello, I would say I am a few baby steps beyond beginner. I was offered to do our company headshots at my work and I accepted and it has been going really well. The pictures are coming out great and I am learning along the way. (I use a Canon EOS Rebel T7) I am struggling with quality after...
  2. F

    Is it possible to take film photos that look like these HUJI photos?

    Hello, apologies for what must be an irritating question for film photography enthusiasts, but I mean well. Over the past month or two I've been researching and trying to learn about the basics of film photography, as while I have a digital camera that works fantastic (a Sony a3000) and I've...
  3. B

    Is there any value of Unedited Photographs ?

    Hi All, I recently started photography and got a DSLR. I have been following a lot of channel on YouTube and forums like this about photography and realized that taking photo is just the tip of Iceberg, and you HAVE TO KNOW EDITING to make it presentable. I have no grudge with editing and...
  4. W

    Hello out there!

    Hey everyone! I'm April and I'm from Texas. My dad was big on photography so I grew up with a lot of his little Kodak hawkeye and instamatic cameras. As I got older I had a few newer point and shoots as well. I always wanted something that I could do more with and my dad for as long as I can...
  5. P

    Trip to Boston

    Please critique. I took a plethora of photos, but chose the best out of the batch. still very new and an amateur. I mostly shot manual mode adjusting the exposure to get a proper exposure. i would sometimes play with AV and TV menus to try and get the bokeh effect and also shot up my shutter...
  6. JinxyCatInk

    Hello Everyone! I am new and I have questions!

    Hello Everyone! My name is Jinx, I am mostly just a digital artist, however, I am currently in progress to a project that I hope this community will help me with I am creating an art magazine that features 4 different categories of art: Photography, Digital Art, Traditional Art, and Animation...

    Which pairs with photography better?

    I don't mean to start the Android/Apple debate, but I am currently in the market for a new phone and would like to take into account the device I use everyday. Do either provide more of a photography tool than the other? Whether it be access to certain apps, having better tools within, or...
  8. ipy12

    Hey there ;)

    Hello photographers ;) I am new here in this forum and wanted to introduce myself a bit. My name is Patrick and I am an Austrian student. Photography is my passion since a few years now. Unfortunately I had a small break due to time reasons during my studies. But now I discovered it again and I...
  9. G

    Heyla all

    Hi, I'm fairly new to photography, my Mum gave me a camera to play with that she was not using, Cannon Eos something, I think. I've had it for about a year, and mostly have been playing around with it when I remember. It does help that I have an extremely photogenic cat that even a new photog...
  10. Destin

    I got photobombed by Mars last night!

    Went to Letchworth State Park last night and was shooting some star trails. Just happened to capture Mars moving across the sky as well! Shot on the X-T3 with the 10-24 f/4. 34 separate two minute exposures, each shot at iso 1600 and f/5.6. Images blended in StarStax. Star Trails at...
  11. D


    Hey guys and gals! I'm looking for tips for a new camera to invest in! I'm going to be totally honest with you and i'm new to this photography thing, but i'm a dedicated learner so i'm NOT looking for a beginners equipment. So my budget will be around 1100 USD but hopefully we'll find...
  12. prashant_gandhi

    Hello Everyone! I'am New Here :)

    Hi all! Greetings for the day, My self Prashant Gandhi, you can call me "PG". :) I am new on "ThePhotoForum", I am very passionate about Photography and Music. Hope the journey with you all will be very beautiful! Regards, PG
  13. jeadows

    Nikon or Canon, something else or nothing?

    Afternoon everyone. I've been thinking about upgrading my Nikon D3200 at some point (not the immediate future, I need time to save and do homework) and mostly shoot and enjoy wildlife, especially macro. Primarily I'd like advice and recommendations for a camera that would be best suited for...
  14. MountainsRCalling

    I'm new! Critique my shots please

    Hey i'm new to photography and just purchased my Cannon EOS Rebel T4i a month ago and its my very first DSLR camera. Here are some of my favorite shots I've taken so far that weren't taken in the Auto setting. I feel like they could be better but don't know exactly what to work on. Please be as...
  15. Mitica100

    Happy New Year

    A very Happy New Year to all of you here at TPF, may your photos be the best ever, may you win many contests, may you find inner peace and most of all, may you be healthy in 2018 and on.
  16. P

    Best place to buy a Camera??

    I'm looking to buy a Nikon D3400 as my first camera and I was wondering where could I get it for the lowest? I'm located in Canada and they sell it here locally but its 600$ and online there are some at 490$ but I don't like to order online for stuff that expensive so would any one know a good...
  17. P

    Can any zoom fit a DSLR???

    My grandpa has a 500mm zoom from the brand Sigma and Minolta that he used on his old Minolta camera from about 30 years ago approximative and I was thinking of buying a Nikon d3400 and I was wondering if the zoom would fit on it? I know that might be a stupid question to ask but id like to know...
  18. P

    No idea how to work out a price deal

    I'm a pet photographer, just starting and a local dog groomer approached me saying she wants to book me for an entire day to do mini sessions with her clients. She will book all the appointments for the day and give me a space to work. I have to come in, set up and shoot. She wants to know how I...
  19. TDD

    New to the forum.

    I retired from the US military in 2015 after having served 28 years. Over the course of my military career I'd often felt the calling to take my photography beyond taking the occasional weekend snap but was often overcome by the requirements of duty. In February of 2017 I decided to take the...
  20. vinnyv

    What's up everyone

    Kinda new to photography and haven't explored many artists or pages that are good examples of abstract photography. If you have any recommendations or good abstract instagram pages hit me with a reply. Also here is a link to my page if you wanna peep my photos plutonashfan (@plutonash_fan) •...