1. S

    ez controller noritsu, how to operate without the dongle.

    Hello guys, I need some help, I am a self-employed photographer and I use the ez controller noritsu software, but my pc broke the hd and I lost the program, I got the program again in version 7.20.004, but I don't have the doungle , because in my previous program I was able to use it without...
  2. Connor Moriarty

    Who has experience with automatic photography machines (OrvitVu, Styleshoot)

    I am a photographer, but also the studio manager for a company that does outsourced product photography and editing for retail and eCommerce. We use OrvitVu systems to automate all of our photography to be as efficient as possible. The biggest inefficiency we have is the inability for all of our...
  3. P

    For Sale: Adobe PhotoShop Lightroom5

    I got a brand new, unopened Adobe PhotoShop Lightroom5 for sale. It's a bonus from camera seller. I already had one. This is a redundant. Ask for $40. email me if you're interested in. lightroomsd2019 at gmail com
  4. birdbonkers84

    AI Clear VS DeNoise Topaz Labs

    Hey, I'm looking at getting Either AI Clear or DeNoise, but I don't really know which one would be best for Wildlife/Astro? Does anyone have any experience or examples with either of these? I've watched the introduction videos for both and they both look super. Thanks
  5. S

    Sony Software

    I recently purchased a Sony RX10-M4. I use it mostly for bird photography and it augments my Canon large lens setup, being lighter, able to create good images and be silent when exposing. I like the camera. The software however.... is totally unwieldly. I have my own method of organizing my...
  6. M

    From Russia with love

    Hi there! My name is Alberto, which means I'm not really Russian, but I do live in Russia, hence the title :) I'm a software developer and I took photography as a hobby; then, what not combine the two? Indeed, I spend most of my spare time working on software that serves my photography needs...
  7. G

    Is using a screen color calibrating software worth it?

    Hi guys. Can I satisfactorily calibrate the colors of my computer screen with programs, like Calibrize and QuickGamma, or is calibrating hardware the only real solution? Here are the links to the programs I mentioned: Calibrize QuickGamma
  8. G

    How do I remove the glare from the subject?

    Hi guys, I'm editing this image with Photoshop CS 6. I'm an amateur but I'm happy with what I've managed so far. I selected the subject, then inverted the selection, and used the gaussian blur filter to remove all the graininess. Now there's this glare around the subject I wish to remove, to...
  9. davidbeckphoto

    When to stop Photoshopping - where do you draw the line?

    When I do edit, I have a list of things I fix and a list of things that I think are too far. Everybody has different limits - what's on your lists? Here are some things from mine - agree or disagree? Fix: Spot blemishes Skin color issues (grey under eyes / redness) Stray hairs Weird wrinkles...
  10. B

    Smartphone apps

    I have begun looking at some smartphone apps related to cloud cover and light timing. The light timings could be very useful to get a better idea of the location and situation before spending hours in the car to find out the lighting is wrong due to the landscape. Anyone have any experience...
  11. M

    Looking for good software for finding and eliminating duplicates

    I have thousands of pictures, stored in dozens of folders. Many, many of them are duplicates. I am overwhelmed with organizing. Is there a really good software that will find duplicates, in multiple folders, and delete all but one?
  12. HeldInTheMoment

    Lightroom 6 Question -- Reports?

    Hey All, So I am trying to further streamline my workflow and my wife had a great idea. When I mark photos in Lr to be deleted, can I generate a report/list of those photos? I then would like to delete the JPEG counter-parts of those photos. Right now I am hand-writing each photo number, but a...
  13. T

    Digital photo album?

    Hi, I didn't see any recent relevant threads. I'm looking for a way to organize and store my digital photos. I think hosting the program on my local computer instead of the cloud would be better for permanent storage, but ability to share would also be great. It doesn't need lots of features...
  14. B

    Some reviews on inpixio software ?

    Hi, I would like to know if someone have already buy a Inpixio software and how did you find it ? Does their software are really good, i don't know if I should buy it or not ... Thanks
  15. H

    Photo management & EXIF editor advice

    Hi, first time poster here.. I have thousands of digital photos stored which currently have no order to them other than being saved in folders in the Windows directory. I would like to start the mammoth task of cataloging them and organising them but need advice on what the best (for not FREE)...
  16. E

    Page for exposure fusion on line

    Suggestions and critics are welcome! Here an example of resulting picture: (Milan (Italy): Interiors of the Church of Santa Francesca Romana. Fusion of three pictures on a scale of 1.5 stops.
  17. R

    greetings from ohio

    Back into photography after long stay in other areas. A Nikon man who also learning rb67pro s. Ive got the top 5 books recommended by PPA, plus others and the OnOne 10.1 software. Retired due to disability. Limitations, waiting for warmer weather to actually get out there. So much to learn. Much...
  18. J

    Best software for searching, collating and cataloging across drives

    Hi all, Hoping I could get a few suggestions for software to collect up all the images I have and store them safely - situation is: I have multiple hard drives containing numerous (3,000+ photos) in RAW, JPG, TIF formats I'm looking for software that could scan/search across all the drives (I...
  19. A

    Raw Exposure

    We're just released the first public beta of new application called Raw Exposure. It is not a raw converter and it does not modify image in any way. It is a an application for raw file exposure analysis. It can show individual pixel raw values, their histogram on photo scale, under/over exposure...
  20. R

    Camera's and Editing Software

    Hello. I am wanting to get into photography. I've always wanted to do it but never had the time. Now I feel is the right time to start so my question is what is the best camera to get, and what is the best photo editing software?